Item: 50 Glossy Blood Splatters

50 Glossy Blood Splatters by sparklestock

50 Glossy Blood Splatters

Released at by sparklestock

Liquid tempera artistically splattered on semi-smooth paper then immediately photographed for a glossy look. These brushes can be adjusted to look like acrylic paint, blood, or paint in UV light.

50 High-Res Brushes

Get the perfect blood splatter with 50 variations for you to choose from. All brushes are ~2500px and they work with Photoshop CS1 or newer (including all versions of Photoshop CC).

Includes One Blood Gradient Map

Use the included gradient map for more realistic colors. Without the gradient map, your blood splatter will look flat/2D.

Add-ons Brushes
blood splatter glossy bloody brushes photoshop ink liquid splat spray gore paint squirt slaughter halloween
  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop
  • File types: ABR, GRD

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