Item: Angel Rise Monoline Signature Font

Angel Rise Monoline Signature Font by maulanacreative

Angel Rise Monoline Signature Font

Released at by maulanacreative

Angel Rise is an expressive signature font. With clean mono-line stroke, super slant and fun character with a different Upper and lower alternate style. To give you an extra creative work. Angel Rise font support multilingual more than 100+ language. This font is good for logo design, Social media, Movie Titles, Books Titles, a short text even a long text letter and good for your secondary text font with sans or serif. Make a stunning work with Angel Rise font.

Font Include:

  • Angel Rise (OTF)
  • Angel Rise (TTF)
  • Angel Rise Swash (OTF)
  • Angel Rise Swash (TTF)
  • Angel Rise Alternate (OTF)
  • Angel Rise Alternate (TTF)


Fonts Script and Handwritten Decorative
typography font signature alphabet graphic script type calligraphy text style letter handwritten letters paint typographic
  • Classification: N/A
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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