Item: Arkibal Stencil Serif

Arkibal Stencil Serif by jancbruun

Arkibal Stencil Serif

Released at by jancbruun

The inspiration comes from some old documents and store signs from my great-grandfather’s old gold listfactory from 1838. He delivered hits for many artists of that time, and various museums in Copenhagen. I priority increases to make a mixture of the classic letter witha modern lift. And this contain also a serif og display version.

Seems it was interesting to try to reproduce some of the old characters and make a new font. Uppercase “G” was the first letter of the startingpoint. G stands for in danish “Guldramme”, which means “Goldframe”. Arkibal is coming from an almost old danish tradional name “Arkibald”, only without “d”.

LanguagesBasic Latin, Western European, Euro, Turkish, Central European, Pan African Latin

Fonts Serif
arkibal serif stencil heavy bold regular light thin poster display copenhagen medium design headline art
  • Classification: Serif
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Large (Display / Poster)

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