Item: Axala – Creative Studio Portfolio Template

Axala – Creative Studio Portfolio Template by pimmey

Axala – Creative Studio Portfolio Template

Released at by pimmey

A list of features includes:

  • Powered by Materialize framework based on Material Design guidelines
  • Super-fast AJAX navigation with beautiful background transitions
  • Beautiful minimalistic style and amazing canvas animations
  • Five pre-made skins
  • Multiple ways to display your detail pages
  • A huge amount of useful elements, such as tool tips, galleries, tabs, accordions and collapsible items.
  • Gorgeous typography featuring monospace Ubuntu font
  • Super responsive – crazy attention to the detail for small and medium size screens (also tested on real iOS and Android devices and various OSes on desktop devices)
  • Awesome technologies used, such as:
    • Sass
    • Pug (formerly known as Jade)
    • PHPMailer
    • Package managers: npm and bower
    • Code quality tools: ESLint and SCSS lint
    • Gulp and very useful commands to compile Sass and Pug, minify css files using PostCSS and even minify and optimise the images
    • 100% W3C valid code
  • Well commented code, easy to customise for anyone
  • Documentation Wiki on Github and in PDF format

Note: images are not included in the download and are meant for demo only.

Another note: this theme is AJAX based, so in order to use, run and develop it locally, you’re gonna need to run a HTTP server. All the instructions are described in the documentation (and in PDF format in the download) and don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need any help :-)

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  • File types: JS, SASS, HTML, CSS

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