Item: Bikarosta Typeface

Bikarosta Typeface by maulanacreative

Bikarosta Typeface

Released at by maulanacreative

Bikarosta is a font family include 2 fonts with 1 extra swash and extra illustration. Includes sans and script font files with international language, the Bikarosta Script include ligatures. This font perfect for poster, mockup, template, header, instagram quotes, website header, facebook profiles, movie poster and more.

File Includes:

  • Bikarosta Script TTF
  • Bikarosta Script OTF
  • Bikarosta Sans TTF
  • Bikarosta Sans OTF
  • Bikarosta Extras TTF
  • Bikarosta Extras OTF
  • Bikarosta Swash TTF
  • Bikarosta Swash OTF

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Fonts Script and Handwritten Decorative
font typeface cliptart farm swirl extras fonts free script brush brushfont multiple webfont multilingual swash
  • Classification: N/A
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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