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Cest Lavie Font Duo by adamfathony

Cest Lavie Font Duo

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Introducing Cest Lavie Font Duo

C'est Lavie is a meaning of Life on French language it means Life. In life everybody sometimes got serious, focus, strong, thinking, and etc. But sometimes life must be enjoy, relax, breath, fun, smiling, laughing and etc.

So I presented the great font pair between 'serious and enjoy' with the name Cest Lavie. Handwritten with some touch of signature style of font combined with serif font to matching up the needs. On the Script version is created with a freedom of writing by a hand and Serif clean crafted by a pixel perfection. Both of them are comes with Multiple Language such as European and Western Character. The features created are not as huge as my product before, I just create what I think must need such as Ligatures. Comes with TTF and OTF version with no need special software requirements.

What's Inside :


Happy Combining :)

Hope you have a Great Day !

Fonts Serif Script and Handwritten
combination fontduo signature signaturefont handwritten handwrittenfont serif seriffont classy elegant natural classic enjoyable ligatures web
  • Classification: Serif
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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