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colorPOP Bundle - 1200+ Icons by Krafted

colorPOP Bundle - 1200+ Icons

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Featuring 1,266 Vector Icons from 16 Premium Collections!

This colorPOP Icon Bundle includes 1,266 vector color icons from Battle Royale Icon Set, Yoga Icon Set, Car Service Icon Set, Communication Icon Set, Game Design Icon Set, Data Analytics Icon Set, Cryptocurrency Icon Set, Futuristic Icon Set, Transportation Icon Set, Marijuana Icon Set, Business Icon Set, Smart Technology Icon Set, Startup Icon Set, Fintech Icon Set, Online Education Icon Set, and Hobby Icon Set.

Whether you are launching a small, medium or large enterprise, you may find these colorful icons useful for the following purposes:

  • to describe your services and offerings on your website
  • as supporting graphics on your social media such as Facebook Page, Instagram Story Cover, Pinterest Graphics and more
  • to beautify your company presentation slide deck
  • to design eye-catching infographics for your startup
  • as decorating element in your print based materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards and more... the possibilities are endless!


🎁 Here's a little taste of what's included in each icon set:

Battle Royale Icon Set includes 55 vector color icons inspired by the popular PUBG / Fortnite shooting game.

adrenaline syringe, aim, aircraft, airdrop, assault rifle, backpack, bandage, bike, blue zone, boat, body armor, car, chicken dinner, compensator, crossbow, designated marksman rifle, drown, duo, energy drink, female player, flash hider, footsteps, fortnite, frying pan, ghillie suit...


Yoga Icon Set includes 60 vector color icons for yoga trainers and yoga studios.

Icons included: Yoga Mat, Yoga Guru, Acroyoga, Shoulderstand, Yoga Pants, Succulent, Plough, Locust, Lotions, Hot Yoga, Heart Rate, Chakra, Yoga Block, Aroma, Fish, Half Spinal Twist, Yoga Towel,Triangle, Candles, Cobra, Balance Ball, Mindfulness, Clean Your Yoga Mat, Namaste, Stones, Incense, Enneagram, Tea Box...


Car Service Icon Set includes 67 vector color icons for the automotive industry.

Icons included: car, lifter, diagnostic, car wash, car engine, turbocharger, piston, radiator, battery, tire, steering wheel, brake pad, clutch disc, shock absorber, exhaust, catalytic, exhaust header, shock absorber, suspension, alternator, chain, COG, engine fan,spark plug, car door, keyhole, ignition, push start...


Communication Icon Set includes 70 vector color line icons for press, media, network & communication and public relations.

Icons included: 24h support, bluetooth, calendar, call forwarding, camera, cassette player, cassette, cd, chatting, compass, contacts, data transfer, deadline, desktop messaging, document, earth station, email, equalizer, fax, film reel, handycam, headphone, incoming, info, landline, link, loudspeaker, mailbox, message...


Game Design Icon Set includes 70 vector color icons for game design and development.

Icons included: game controller, console, arcade, game developer, RPG, shooting, racing, simulation, strategy, shield, treasure map, capture the flag, space mission, quest, NPC, level design, visual effects, game distribution, keyboard mapping, game over, monster, character, potion, adventure...


Data Analytics Icon Set includes 73 vector color icons for big data, statistical analysis and research.

Icons included: algorithm, antivirus, API interface, automation, average, bar graph, box plot, business intelligence, cloud computing, cluster analysis, complexity, dashboard report, data centre, data cleaning, data collection, data filtering, data mining, data modeling, data network, data processing, data protection, data science team, data science, data scientist...


Cryptocurrency Icon Set includes 74 vector color icons for bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency.

Icons included: anonymity, altcoin, peer-to-peer (P2P), proof of work, proof of stake, proof of capacity, proof of elapsed time, ethereum, initial coin offering (ICO), bitcoin mining, white paper, node, double spending, block reward, digital key, SHA 256, coin faucet, fiat money, block reward, payment system technology, halving, timestamp, consensus modular protocol...


Futuristic Icon Set includes 74 vector color icons for future technology.

Icons included: stalker power suit, city in the sky, military battletech, lamp electronics, radioactive energy drink, doomsday vault, laser rifle, burning barrel, future religion, cyberpunk augmentation, no mutants allowed, radiation wave, holographic communication, nuclear explosion, military zone, cyber arm prosthesis, cyberleg enhancement, nuclear fuel, human exoskeleton, augmented reality city, ambient user experience, wearable tracker...


Transportation Icon Set includes 80 vector color icons for transport services industry.

Icons included: car, limousine, race car, taxi, police car, pickup truck, campervan, van, bus coach, double decker, truck, food truck, dump truck, garbage truck, fire engine, ambulance, atv, motorcycle, scooter, moped, cycle rickshaw, auto rickshaw, carriage, steam locomotive, tram, train, monorail, subway, hyperloop, cable car, bike...


Marijuana Icon Set includes 84 vector icons for medical and recreational use of cannabis.

Icons included: marijuana drive through, cannabis oil, cbd oil, ethanol, jamaica, preroll joint, cannabis oil cartridge, vape pen, vaporizer, hand pipe, bong, bubbler, hookah, dabbing, tinctures, sativa, indica, ruderalis, diseases and pests, cloning, male and female, nutrients, vegetative, indoors, outdoors, germination, hydroponics, water, harvest, odor, lightning, guerilla, tulip joint, amsterdam, basics, medical marijuana...


Business Icon Set includes 85 vector color icons for all kinds of business situation and work environment.

Icons included: meeting, cooperation, presentation, business travel, interview, job search, overtime, office life, promotion, commission, brainstorming, motivation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), leadership, training, sexual harassment, video conference, recruitment, growth hacking, teamwork, customer service, marketing idea, sponsor investment, personal development, team skills, business opportunity, career advancement, productivity, head hunting...


Smart Technology Icon Set includes 88 vector icons for technology themed website and apps.

Icons included: smart home, energy, vigilante, open data, robotics, on demand service, mobile payment, console, wifi, satellite technology, drone surveillance, remote vehicle, VR technology, automation, wireless mouse, NFC, UAV, vehicle emission control, traffic control, train, airplane, bike charging station, social media...


Startup Icon Set includes 90 vector color icons for startup essentials such as prototyping, funding, sales, promotion and operations.

Icons included: workspace, coding, portfolio, shopping, responsive design, photography, apps development, startup rocket, crowdfunding, cofounder, prototype, product launch, get feedback, growing, success, learning, thinking, website design, transform, vision, research, design, packaging, distribution, costs & revenues, team, plan, creativity, idea protection, local business, passion, presentation, sell share, contract, coffee break, profit, franchise, venture, money management, strategy, target...


Fintech Icon Set includes 91 vector color line icons for startup dealing with finance technology.

Icons included: internet of things (IoT), SAAS, credit card, insurtech, regtech, robo advisor, unbanked, underbanked, anti-money laundering (AML), chief data officer (CDO), fraud detection, digital signature, personal data protection, know your client, billionaire, B2B, B2C, P2P lending, identity theft, unicorn, gazelle, emergency fund, retirement savings, education savings, attorney, taxes, internet banking, insurance, investment...


Online Education Icon Set includes 100 vector color icons for elearning and online courses.

Icons included: student desk, online course, learning tools, ebook, education apps, reading online, online counseling, e-learning, distance learning, cloud library, creative teaching, sharing ideas, male & female students, group class, class timetable, university, global education, virtual education, online tests, maths, chemistry, physics, geometry, geography, biology, science, research, astronomy, timing, history, music, sports, painting...


Hobby Icon Set includes 100 vector color icons for all kinds of hobbies & interests.

Icons included: astronomy, blogging, reading, writing, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, camping, trekking, scrapbooking, gardening, dancing, knitting, guitar, hunting, cosplay, bowling, tattoo, collector, travelling, phubbing, martial arts, running, skateboarding, shopping, golf, movies, karaoke, sewing, swimming, vlogging...


🎁 What You Will Receive?

A zip file that includes all 1,266 unique icons in the following formats:

  • .AI
  • .EPS
  • .SVG
  • .PSD
  • .PNG sized 256x256
  • .PNG sized 512x512


🎁 Why Buy From Us?

  • Experienced design team with tens of thousands of icons under our belt. Don't believe us? Just check out our profile:
  • 100% focus on icons. A great designer does not make a great icon designer. We know all the nuances in icon design
  • Fast & Friendly. That's what you can expect from our support team.
  • Awesome File Structure. We cannot stand messy files and neither should you. All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.


What are you waiting for? Grab this bundle now and get the ball rolling on your design projects!

Graphics Icons
business startup icon bundle futuristic technology fintech education marijuana cryptocurrency transportation analytics design game communication
  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • File types: AI, EPS, PNG, PSD, SVG

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