Item: Deutschlander 2.0

Deutschlander 2.0 by sharkshock

Deutschlander 2.0

Released at by sharkshock

The next installment of the Deutschlander family gets a bit of a makeover in the 2.0 version. This display sans is a popular choice for squeezing text into tight spots like business cards, movie credits, or anywhere space is limited. The biggest differences include improved spacing, many redesigned characters, and support for more European languages. Basic Latin, extended Latin, diacritics, Cyrillic, Greek, punctuation, ordinals, fractions, alternates, and kerning are all included. Please check glyph maps for all supported characters.

Fonts Sans-Serif
sans vertical cyrillic greek logo business russian european diacritics thin movie poster
  • Classification: Sans-Serif
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Condensed

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