Item: Dirt #1 Texture Pack

Dirt #1 Texture Pack by antipixel

Dirt #1 Texture Pack

Released at by antipixel

Dirt #1 Texture Pack

These are high quality, detailed and unique handcrafted textures made directly from high resolution dirt scans. You will be able to customize your projects with these new and fresh textures, using them in the original size, or resizing them with no worry of distortion.

You will be amazed with the high quality & originality offered in these goods!Detailled, unique handcrafted textures

  • 12 vector textures in AI CS6 and PDF (editable)
  • PNG files 4677x3307px 200dpi.
  • Simple & complex textures for different needs.
  • Transparent background, for easy combination.
  • Color can be changed since these are vector textures!
  • These are NOT available for pattern, cannot be tiled.
  • Includes a PDF with all textures to find them easily.

Antipixel, well known for their texture work in typefaces, it's now opening a new path with vector textures. These match with all Antipixel's products, because of their distressed style & quality, and can be used in a vast amount of projects.

Graphics Textures
rust fine handcraft material vector transparent back background subtle grunge noise grain distressed weathered grit
  • Applications supported: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • File types: AI, PNG, PDF
  • Dimensions: 4677(w) × 3307(h) px

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