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Figuera Variable Fonts by adamfathony

Figuera Variable Fonts

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Figuera Variable

Figuera Variable are inspired with an Serif victorian style of typefaces. With a different width and weight you can make your design are more fluid within just only use a single family fonts. Comes with different format and also Bonus Borders.

It’s a brand new fonts comes with a new Variable Features. Variable that makes you create an custom width and weight aside in the available font files.

You can Play the sample Variable In here :

Install only single Files : You are only need to instal FigueraVariableGX.TTF to generate all of the font size (15 Fonts).

Notes : Some limitations on the new variable features because of the software compatibility. It needs Adobe CC 2018 and later. But it’s great for creating a webfonts using the variable. But you can still only install the standard TTF or OTF files. :)

Files Inside OTF and TTF :

*FigueraVariableGX.ttf*FigueraVariable-Bold*FigueraVariable-BoldSemiCondensed*FigueraVariable-BoldCondensed*FigueraVariable-BoldSemiExtended*FigueraVariable-BoldExtended*FigueraVariable-Regular*FigueraVariable-Condensed*FigueraVariable-SemiCondensed*FigueraVariable-RegularExtended*FigueraVariable-RegularSemiExtended*FigueraVariable-Light*FigueraVariable-LightCondensed*FigueraVariable-LightSemiCondensed*FigueraVariable-LightExtended*FigueraVariable-LightSemiExtended*Bonus Borders Ai Files*Bonus Borders EPS Files*Bonus Borders PDF Files

You can download The FREE FONTS in here :

If you have any question, feel free to leave in comment sections or message me.

Thank You

Fonts Serif
variable fonts custom vintage family victorian borders oldlook oldstyle serif allcaps
  • Classification: Serif
  • Spacing: Normal, Condensed, Expanded
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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