Item: Flaty : Negative Space Property Logo

Flaty : Negative Space Property Logo by punkl

Flaty : Negative Space Property Logo

Released at by punkl

Flaty Logo featuring negative space logo concept in high quality design, sharp graphics and modern logo texts. These key qualities make this logo better than your competitors or even any other businesses.

This item is saved as customizable Adobe Illustrator format in neat layers management and hi-res printing optimization so you can change colors, shapes, texts, font types, positions and sizes easily without decreasing the resolution quality. For you who don’t use Adobe products, we also provide EPS and SVG files so you can open the file in another vector editor softwares.


  • This logo can be used for property, realty, real estate and architectural related companies, also projects or other needs.
  • Example of users: Real Estate Agent, Property Company, Flat Agent, Neighborhood Community, Real Estate Developer, Architect, Architecture Consultant, Civil Engineering Company, Building Service, House Service, Housing Complex, Architecture Blogger, Property Vlogger, etc.


  • Modern, sporty, exact, sharp, high tech, millenium, efficient, smart, clever, creative, bold, stylish, straight, positive, up to date, trusted, secure, strong, elegant, exact, sharp, simple, stylish, honest, modest, humble, plain, neat, tidy, presentable, cleanly, orderly, compact, stable, bonafide, reliable, trusty, trustworthy, creditable, sincere, etc.

Software Needed

  • Adobe Illustrator CS3 or newer.
  • Any EPS or SVG Vector Editor Software.

Technical Specification

  • AI, EPS, and SVG files with structured and neat layers.
  • Minimalist style and negative space logo concept.
  • Vertical & horizontal logo placement version.
  • Fully editable text using free fonts.

Additional Note

  • Images in the previews are not included.
  • Fonts used in this logo are not included, they could be downloaded from the links on the Documentation File.

Enjoy and have a great day! :)

Graphic Templates Logos
monogram apartment housing property estate architect architecture engineering realty realtor agent engineer interior monotone monochrome
  • Applications supported: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe XD
  • File types: AI, EPS, SVG
  • Color space: CMYK
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Dimensions: 29(w) × 21(h) cm

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