Item: Freich Monsta

Freich Monsta by nasir-udin

Freich Monsta

Released at by nasir-udin

Trick or treat! The spookiest time of the year will be here soon! Spread the Halloween spirit with this chilling, creepy, and scary typeface, Freich Monsta!

Freich Monsta is an evolution of my previous font - Freich. It's mutated from a clean, strong, and bold font to a spooky display font with a vintage horror twist.

What's Included:

  • Freich Monsta (otf & ttf)
  • Freich Monsta Inline (otf & ttf)
  • Freich Monsta Fill (otf & ttf)

Tech Specs:

  • 346 glyphs
  • Special Ligatures: CH EA LA LE LH LI LL LM LN LO LU ST TH TI TU
  • Supported Languages: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin
Fonts Sans-Serif Decorative
classic creepy crime display ghost halloween horror monster novel retro scary spooky vampire vintage zombie
  • Classification: Sans-Serif
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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