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HDR Action by betoalanis

HDR Action

Released at by betoalanis

HDR is a 4 Photoshop action set to make your images stand out, providing a nice HDR look without the need of taking multiple pictures at different exposures. Takes haziness off from pictures, sharpens the images and adjust contrast and colors, making them vivid.


  • Awesome HDR Effect on your images, please note that this is not true HDR, but it will make your single exposure images look as if it were!!
  • Simple one-click process
  • No need of multiple exposures
  • Works with Photoshop in any language.
  • Built and optimized to have the fewest steps possible, making the actions run fast!
  • Works in Photoshop Elements
Add-ons Actions and Presets
dynamic range exposure fake film hdr high multiple single true sharp sharpen noise pop studio
  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop
  • File types: ATN

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