Item: Hero - ShoutCast and IceCast Radio Player VC Addon

Hero - ShoutCast and IceCast Radio Player VC Addon by LambertGroup

Hero - ShoutCast and IceCast Radio Player VC Addon

Released at by LambertGroup

This is an addon / extension for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)


  • Shoutcast and Icecast Support - It supports Shoutcast and Icecast radio streaming. The radio stream should be MP3 type. It will also play AAC streams but only on browsers which support AAC
  • Only Radio Stream Needed - Just add the radio stream and the player will get the current playing song and artist photo.
  • Responsive Design - The radio player can be used in websites which are responsive. Optional parameter to disable responsive behavior in order to integrate it in non-responsive websites.
  • Mobile Compatible - It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.
  • Artist Image - The player will displat the photo of the current playing singer, if is present in the database.
  • Highly Customizable - You can choose from the 2 available skins: back & white. Also, from parameters you can create any color scheme, having the possibility to integrate it in any design.
  • Sticky Version - Parameter to set the radio player in sticky version. It will be sticky only on the page it was inserted. If you want to be sticky on all pages, you should buy the WordPress plugin instead:
  • History - It will automatically get the history for ShoutCast streams. For IceCast streams it will generate the history as the radio plays.
  • Show/Hide History - Button to show or hide the history. Also option to start the player with the history hidden.
  • Share - You can share the radio player on Facebook and Twitter. Parameters to customize the share title and description.
  • Multiple Instances - You can insert multiple radio players on your website or on the same page (maximum 2 on the same page). Only one can be set as 'sticky'.
  • Show/Hide Buttons - You can set as visible or set as hidden: playlist, volume, share buttons
  • Multiple Parameters - Over 30 options from where you can customize your player, including: width, autoplay, colors and other parameters.


  • You'll find detailed video tutorials, in the help documentation

Note for IOS & Android (restrictions imposed by Apple & Google): - The autoplay will not work because IOS (and Android) has disabled autoplay feature and it can't be controlled from JS.


  • Version 2.7 Release Date: December 15, 2020

    • radioJar bug fix for history
  • Version 2.6 Release Date: November 11, 2020

    • code improvements for IceCast streams
    • new parameter added 'The MSCP PRO json Api URL ( OPTIONAL )' which can be used if you want to display the song cover image from MSCP PRO radio server
  • Version 2.5 Release Date: October 01, 2020

    • AzuraCast support added
    • option to display the artist image from the AzuraCast metadata api
    • new optional parameter 'Url custom metadata file'
    • new optional parameter 'Metadata File Type'
    • new optional parameter 'Check IceCast Metadata File First'
    • new optional parameter 'Path to the artist images/album covers folder'
    • removed Flash fallback
    • modification to compensate the Firefox autoplay blocking
  • Version 2.4 Release Date: July 15, 2020

    • bug fix when the grab artist image parameter was set to false
  • Version 2.3.0 Release Date: May 22, 2020

    • css modifications
  • Version 2.3 Release Date: May 05, 2020

    • "use strict" mode on
  • Version 2.2.1 Release Date: February 04, 2020

    • updates for 2020
  • Version 2.2 Release Date: June 27, 2019

    • replaced the .click(), .mouseover(), .mouseoout() etc functions with the equivalent .on()
  • Version 2.1.1 Release Date: May 21, 2019

    • code improvements
  • Version 2.1 Release Date: May 14, 2019

    • code improvements for artist image
  • Version 2.0 Release Date: May 09, 2019

    • replaced the LastFM API
  • Version 1.7 Release Date: March 27, 2019

    • updated the FaceBook API to the latest version 3.2
    • updated the help information regarding FaceBook Share
  • Version 1.6.9 Release Date: February 26, 2019

    • code modifications for the display of the artist image
  • Version Release Date: January 21, 2019

    • code updates
  • Version 1.6.8 Release Date: November 29, 2018

    • increased the history scroll when using mouse wheel
  • Version 1.6.7 Release Date: November 15, 2018

    • code improvements
  • Version 1.6.6 Release Date: November 01, 2018

    • code improvements
  • Version 1.6.5 Release Date: October 27, 2018

    • cors update
  • Version Release Date: October 10, 2018

    • multiple code improvements
  • Version 1.6.4 Release Date: October 03, 2018

    • updated the FaceBook API to the latest version 3.1
    • added FaceBook share parameters
  • Version 1.6.3 Release Date: May 08, 2018

    • code improvements for reading the metadata file of the HTTPS radio streams
    • new parameter added 'preserveOriginalUpperLowerCase' - the current playing song title and author letters will be displayed as they come from the metadata file or the song title will have text-transform:uppercase and author will have text-transform:capitalize
  • Version 1.6.2 Release Date: April 10, 2018

    • IOS 11 current playing song refresh problem fix
  • Version 1.6.1 Release Date: February 25, 2018

    • bug fix
  • Version 1.6 Release Date: February 22, 2018

    • bug fix which appeared on IOS when the playlist had not scroll
  • Version 1.5 Release Date: January 04, 2018

    • RadioJar support was added
    • code improvements for touch navigation feature
  • Version 1.4.1 Release Date: October 04, 2017

    • HTTPS compatibility
  • Version 1.4 Release Date: September 29, 2017

    • code improvements for responsive behavior
  • Version 1.3 Release Date: May 16, 2017

    • bug fix: fixed a bug which appeared when the player was set to start minified and there was an IceCast stream playing
  • Version 1.2 Release Date: April 08, 2017

    • the api will display the image on websites which use HTTPS
    • code improvements when 'showOnlyPlayButton' option is set
  • Version 1.1 Release Date: March 03, 2017

    • code improvements for 'current playing song' feature
    • code improvements for FaceBook share
  • Version 1.0 Release Date: February 10, 2017

WordPress Plugins
addon audio history html5 icecast mobile mp3 player radio shoutcast sticky composer wordpress wpbakery extension
  • File types: CSS, HTML, JS, PHP, PSD
  • Compatible versions: Tested up to version 5.4

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