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Hotel Listing

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Payment Gateway \a) Paypal [Express Checkout]
b) Stripe [ Full synchronize with Stripe Plan ]
Mailchimp to store Email for new registrants
15 languages files inside of the theme
Hotel,Bar,Motel,Restaurant Directory/Listing

  1. Add/Edit Listing from frontend “My Account”

  2. My Favorites

  3. Awards

  4. Video

  5. images

  6. Specialities
    8 ) Who is interested about my listing

  7. Claim Listing \

  8. Contact List Owner \

  9. Image slider

  10. Event of listing

  11. Listing Read / Write access by user role

  12. Admin can add new fields

  13. Category Map Marker image setting \

  14. User Listing Publish Ability or Pending for approval \

  15. Social Profile \

  16. Share it
    20)Customize your own listing detail page by Visual Composer
    21)Autocomplete Search fields
    22)Membership Type
    a) Free Account
    b) One time Payment
    c) Recurring Payment
    d) Free Trial
    e) Paid Trial
    e) Variable Payment Package
    23)Pricing Tables
    24)Signup styles
    25)My account
    26)User Setting
    27)User Social Profile
    28)User privacy setting
    29)User Change Password
    30)User All Post
    31)User Post: Custom Fields
    32)User Insert Post
    33)User Edit Post
    34)Subscription upgrade
    35)Subscription downgrade
    36)Subscription Cancel
    37)Coupon for Signup
    38)Coupon By Package
    39)Set Coupon limit
    40)Set Coupon expire date
    41)User Role creation by Package
    42)Page Setting
    43)Email Templates
    44)User Welcome Email template
    45)User Forget Password Email template
    46)User Order Email template
    47)Admin Order Email template
    48)Listing contact Email template
    49)Listing contact Email template for CC Admin [Admin Setting]
    50)Claim Email template
    51)Subscription Reminder Email Template
    52)Contact Us Auto reply Email Template
    53)Contact Us admin Email Template
    54)User Public Profile
    55)Payment History
    57)3D Pic charts
    58)Line Chart
    59)Hide Admin Bar
    60)User Directories
    And Lots of other settings..

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  • File types: PHP
  • Compatible versions: Tested up to version 5.5

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