Item: 121 Duotone Lightroom Profiles

121 Duotone Lightroom Profiles

Get creative with these 121 duotone Lightroom profiles.

Add-ons , Actions and Presets
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This massive bundle of 121 duotone profiles let you easily add duotone effects to your photos. They're perfect for backgrounds, headers, wallpapers, or just to make your photos stand out on social media.

**What You'll Get**
* 121 Lightroom CC Profiles (Syncs with iOS and Android)
* 121 Lightroom Classic CC Profiles
* 121 Photoshop CC Profiles via Camera Raw

**Choose From 121 Duotone Profiles**

The profiles are organized by color so that you can easily find the perfect one.

**Adjust the vibrance to your preference**

Control how vibrant your duotone is with the "Amount" slider.

**Renders faster than Lightroom presets so you don't have to wait**

These profiles render significantly faster than traditional Lightroom presets. They use an optimized color table that uses less resources making them suitable even for mobile devices.

**Use them anywhere you are. Sync to Lightroom Mobile**

Use these profiles with Lightroom CC for Android or iOS! Simply load them into Lightroom CC and they can then be synced to Lightroom on your phone or tablet.

**Works With:**
* Lightroom CC
* Lightroom Classic CC
* Photoshop CC (via Camera Raw filter)
* Mac and Windows