Item: Ad Banner Collection- Google Adsense Sizes

Ad Banner Collection- Google Adsense Sizes

A Mega collection of Google Adsense banner collection (PSD only)

Graphic Templates , Websites , UX and UI Kits
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The “Mega Ad Package-Google adsense collection-01” is a complete package of Google adsense collection. Its a multipurpose Ad banner made for all business.
The layout is design in Photoshop cs6 and with a highly professional process to make it easy to use and redesign. With the help of smart object and vector objects you can easily change the design according to your requirement. And also with the help of placeholder you can easily identify the image container and can change your own image version. Colorized layer indicator helps you to identify the sections and the elements, so that you can easily change any design and elements according to your requirement.
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* 25 exclusive page PSD layouts
* Well maintained colorized layers
* Vector icon and objects used
* Graphics are included in the package
* Free font, icon and graphics used

* Software: Adobe Photoshop
* Smart objects used

**Package Includes: 25 Google recommended sizes.**

**Top performing ad sizes**
* 300x250
* 336x280
* 728x90
* 300x600
* 320x100

**Other Supported ad sizes**

* 320x50
* 468x60
* 234x60
* 12x600
* 300x1050
* 970x90
* 970x250
* 250x250
* 200x200
* 180x150
* 125x125

**Regional ad sizes**

* 240x400 (Also known as a "vertical rectangle". Most popular size in Russia.)
* 980x120 (Also known as a "panorama". Most popular size in Sweden and Finland. Can also be used as a substitute in Norway. Performs well when placed above main content.)
* 250x360 (lso known as a "triple widescreen". Second most popular size in Sweden.)
* 930x180 (Also known as a "top banner”. Very popular size in Denmark.Performs well when   placed above main content.)
* 580x400 (Also known as a "netboard”. Very popular size in Norway. Performs well when embedded within text content.)

** The following ad sizes are only available to AdSense publishers in Poland:**
* 750x300 (Also known as a "triple billboard". Third most popular size in Poland. Can be used an an alternative to the "double billboard".)
* 750x200 (Also know as a "double billboard". Most popular size in Poland. Performs well when placed above or just below the menu of a website)
* 750x100 (Also known as a "billboard". Very popular size in Poland. Performs well in both brand and direct-response advertising campaigns.) 

**Image courtesy:**
Note: All the images are display only, not included in the main download package.

**Font used:**
* Roboto:      

* Oswald:

* Anton: