Item: Cattle - Vintage Illustrations Vol. 3

Cattle - Vintage Illustrations Vol. 3

Set of 9 engraving-style vintage illustrations of cows and bulls

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Set of 9 vintage engraving-style illustrations of cows and bulls.

This set features graphics of many cattle breeds, including: Braunvieh (Brown Swiss), Glamorgan, Guernsey, Jersey, Simmenthal, Sussex, Welsh Black, West Highland, Whitebred Shorthorn.


* 9 illustrations included
* highly detailed

All graphics have been carefully restored, refined and vectorized. They are also very highly detailed so you can scale them up according to your needs and use on big printing formats.

These illustrations will be perfect for a wide variety of projects, for example, logos and branding for cattle breeders, farmers, beef and dairy producers, food packaging design, restaurant branding and stationery, etc. They will also work great for decoupage and scrapbooking artists.