Item: Data Statistic for Keynote

Data Statistic for Keynote

30 Unique Slides, No need to install font, 20 Pre-made colours, 2 Click to Customization >

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The Keynote Data Statistics Template is a set of 30 uniquely structured slides in KEY format for creating statistical analysis, data visualization, data presentation in a report. The template is designed specifically for iWork, MAC users.

Each slide has a 16x9HD format and is fully made using standard Keynote tools. That means you don't need any additional software to edit your data infographics, charts and graphs. 

Data analysis project statistic Keynote template includes 20 additional premium color themes. Customizing the color theme to your own brand colors won't take long.

The presentation uses the Calibri font referenced in the "Instructions" file.

All charts and graphs Statistical analysis template is edited using Numbers tables (standard spreadsheet tool on a MAC computer), which will not require you to have additional Keynote skills.

**Features of the data analysis statistical analysis template:**
* The template will work "out of the box," using a free font
* The template includes 20 color themes
* All elements of the presentation are created with built-in tools
* Easy data editing with Numbers tables (iWork)
* You'll get a professional result, even if you have never designed presentations or visualized data before
* Include 30 differently structured templates

This Statistic tool for data analysis will be useful in creating presentations and reports to save your time. Keynote template is suitable for novice users.