Item: Double Exposure Kit

Double Exposure Kit

Create awesome double exposure photos with this set of Photoshop actions, gradients and textures.

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Create perfect double exposure photos with this kit. This kit contains Photoshop actions, gradients, and textures. The actions let you create double exposures using different techniques in different intensities in just one click - a huge time saver. Afterwards, use the gradients to further enhance your artwork. This kit also contains high-res textures so that you can get started quickly.


**The actions:**
* Play All Effects
* Play All Effects (Black and White)
* Normal
* Opacity
* Lighten
* Screen
* Color Dodge
* Linear Dodge
* Lighter Color
* Hard Light
* Linear Light
* Pin Light
* ***New:*** Difference
* ***New:*** Difference Mask
* ***New:*** Difference Mask Inverted
* ***New:*** Exclusion
* ***New:*** Exclusion Mask
* ***New:*** Exclusion Mask Inverted
* ***New:*** Auto-Blend
* ***New:*** Linear Gradient
* ***New:*** Radial Gradient
* ***New:*** Reflected Gradient

**Bonus Extras**
- 30 High-Res Textures
- 10 Double Exposure Gradients


**✔ Generates 160 Variations in One Click**

Double Exposure Kit is the only product that creates 160 variations with just one Photoshop action. Simply play the action then pick an effect that looks the best. The effects are prerendered and switches instantly to save you massive amounts of time. 

**✔ Get Started with Free Textures**

This kit contains free high res double exposure textures that you can experiment with.

**✔ Add Double Exposure Gradients in One Click**

Simply enable on the Gradient layer and you'll get a modern gradient effect that works great with many double exposure photos. You can also switch effects using one of the many included gradients.

**✔ 100% Nondestructive Editing**

To meet the demands of professional photographers, all effects are created nondestructively. Your layers are never merged.

**✔ Supports 16-bit RGB photos**

There's no need to convert your image into 8-bit mode. All effects are compatible with 16-bit RGB photos.


**Works With:**
- Photoshop CS3 and newer (including Photoshop CC)
- Photoshop Elements 11 and newer
- Mac and Windows


**Product Updates**

February 2, 2017
- New Difference Mask mode
- New Difference Mask Inverted mode
- New Exclusion mode
- New Exclusion Mask mode
- New Exclusion Mask Inverted mode
- New Radial Gradient mode
- New Reflected Gradient mode
- Improved fade layer
- 8 extra textures (Rock Canyon, Clouds, Sea, Mount Fuji, Tidal Pools, Tulips 1, Tulips 2, Sandstone)

April 19, 2016
- New Difference mode
- New Auto-Blend mode
- New Gradient mode
- 6 Extra Textures (Aerial Mountains, Guangzhou, Koi Fish, Lake, Mossy Bricks, Rapids).