Item: Explosion of Colorful Dust Backgrounds

Explosion of Colorful Dust Backgrounds

The set consists of one concept and 10 colors explosion of colorful dust backgrounds in JPG format.

Graphics , Backgrounds , Textures
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**Explosion of Colorful Dust Backgrounds**

Make your life vibrant and add some holiday mood to your interior with our collection of bright multicolored backgrounds. You can use these images for different purposes. The set consists of one concept and **10 colors in high-quality JPG format,** 3000x2000 pixels each. Resolution: 300 dpi.  

On the abstract backgrounds, you will see the explosion of colorful dust. These paintings remind of Holi Hai festival which takes place in India. 

**Dynamic Backgrounds For Your Device or Interior**

The key advantage of this collection is its palette and freeze motion effect. Exploding dust creates a moving storm fascinating a viewer. Let positive emotions be a part of your daily life with these watercolor dynamic illustrations. The abstract textures would **perfectly suit any boring design**. A splash of pink, yellow and green powder is a nice choice for yoga studios, kindergartens, and modern cafes. Dry bright paint flies in different directions and fills the entire surface. Slow motion explosion of gray powder is better for offices. 

**Where Can You Use This Set of Backgrounds**

If you’re looking for multicolored dynamic backgrounds, this collection is right for you. You can download these digital wallpapers and **use them for many purposes:**
1. Excellent choice for beauty salons, yoga studios, festivals, hotels, and restaurants. Gray version of this set makes any interior look more stylish expensive.
1. Choose these patterns to make your accounts in social networks like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook more creative.
1. You can also use this collection for advertising banners like Google Adwords Banner, Facebook, or Instagram.
1. The set is perfect for presentations, showcases or various social events. 
1. An indispensable template for graphic design and illustrations.
1. Print ready decorative pattern can be used for souvenirs, stationery, postcards, books, pillows, umbrellas, rugs, towels, etc.
1. Modern abstract design for protective covers.
1. Glossy grunge texture will make your business cards or flyers catchy and more appealing. 
1. You can use this elegant wallpaper for your website. 

This example of generative art is ideal for those who are tired of boring simple forms and searches for elegant simplicity. Paint holy splashes look realistic and catch your audience’s attention. **Download the decorative backgrounds now** and use all possibilities of 3D unique design. 

**Additional information:**

+ Graphics Files Included: **JPG Image**
+ Pixel Dimensions: **3000x2000**
+ Resolution: **300 dpi**