Item: Glandish - Let's Go Traveling

Glandish - Let's Go Traveling

Introducing Glandish Serif Font & Traveling Vector

Fonts , Sans-Serif , Decorative
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A Brand new fonts from Flavortype with the theme of travelling. Based with serif fonts but with rethinking on the height on the lowercase to create this fonts more look enjoyable because when you need to travel, you need to enjoy with every moment :)

On the uppercase we've created with the same height, this will good when you are typing on the headline, highlight word or even firm words. And when it combine with the lowercase, there will matches all the way without looks messy.

Glandish absloutely comes with Vector Traveling bonus pack. 2 Options style you can use to make your design project more beautiful and eye catching. One with Monoline style, and one more with the sketched style like on our last image on the display.

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