Item: Glitch Vandalizer - Photoshop Plugin

Glitch Vandalizer - Photoshop Plugin

Photoshop Glitch Plugin / Panel / Extension

Add-ons , Actions and Presets
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Glitch Vandalizer Plugin gives you infinite possibilities of creating awesome compressed glitches,    
digital distortion, and data mosh effects for your shots.  
This powerful timesaving plugin also lets you instantly generate damaged analog TV looks, realistically designed scanlines, and channel shifts. 

**Every effect is fully customizable.  
Create endless combinations by changing the whole set of parameters.  
Powerful Glitch Map and Datamosh filters instantly generate a data corruption effect using a source image.**  

Perfect fit for diverse design works such as illustrations, printed artworks, and branding.  

**The video tutorial link is included in the “Video Guide link” file in the download.**  

**Effect Modules**   
Fast navigation between Glitches, Offsets, Overlays module tabs. 
makes your workflow more organized and effortless.

**Filter Nodes**      
Checkboxes let you efficiently apply filters you like most,  
as well as toggle the individual filter in solo mode for precise control.

**Texture Selector**    
The Texture Selector allows you to generate
 random variations of texture type you have selected.

**Intelligent Optimization**     
The script will check an open document and apply all required settings if needed.

**UI Colors**            
Support four UI brightnesses, to match Photoshop UI color themes.

Support only English Photoshop language

Mac Os / Windows
 Adobe Photoshop CC2015.5 or newer