Item: Hand Illustrated Geometric Polygons

Hand Illustrated Geometric Polygons

Abstract hand illustrated polygons offered in a variety of styles.

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With this collection of hand illustrated polygons you get several styles of each polygon illustration. These various styles may be manually combined as desired for unique vintage offset look (see example preview image). As an abstract shape these illustrations are perfect as background elements or as a focal point of a design. The designs may also be used as photo masks for interesting and abstract mask shapes (see example image).

What's included in this collection:

* Eight individual hand illustrated polygon outlined shapes.
* Three styles of each illustration (outline, reversed, silhouette) for 24 total illustrations.
* All illustrations are offered in both Vector EPS and PNG file formats (48 files total).
* Both file formats feature the isolated illustration in dark gray, with a completely transparent background.
* The PNG files are sized to approx. 5,000 x 5,000 pixels, on average. Illustration sizes vary.