Item: Irregular Cubes and Geometric Shapes Backgrounds

Irregular Cubes and Geometric Shapes Backgrounds

There are 10 vectors of abstract irregular cubes and geometric shapes backgrounds for your projects.

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**Irregular Cubes and Geometric Shapes Backgrounds**

This set contains 10 vectors of abstract irregular cubes and isometric backgrounds of geometric shapes for your art projects and creative plans. The beautiful color combination and chaotic quadratic composition make this particular abstraction funny and conspicuous. Drive your artworks with positive vibes that able to cultivate bright things from these amazing geo theme illustrations.  

This modern wallpaper set with the colorful structure of decorative strip band and colorful isometric form elements is relevant **for plenty of web and graphic design needs**. Particular realistic decorative graphics asset is an excellent creative resource that is full of potential to give your textures good mood and competitiveness. Its stylish concept like a magic ingredient will help you to create an amazing design.

**Abstract Multicolor Backdrops With Zigzag And Cube Model For Modern Design**

This template set of flat geometric shapes with diagonally located lines and quadrangular forms is appropriate for many design ideas. There are beautiful pink, blue, green, yellow and black gradient backdrops. The minimalist pattern has a simple and cheerful quadrangular construction **that is always a good idea**. 

Choose this positive abstraction for different types of prints, decor issues, and web. Its beautiful surface details as line, hexagon, square are professional mood creators. The texture contains interesting quadrate and frame figures with the random layout that makes this asset handy as trendy pattern templates and decorative materials for kid’s products. Therefore, for the outline of their using possibilities, we made a list for you. Read it below.

**Where These Resources Can Be Useful?**

Particular wallpaper set in hipster style is vector design material. Good to know that this material is high-quality and print ready. **Check it out as:**

1. Pictures for designing pages on social networks, advertising on the Internet; 
1. Asset for YouTube bloggers;
1. Covers for devices;
1. Decoration of advertising banners Google Adwords Banner, Facebook, Instagram;
1. Presentation filling;
1. Background for the website (use in web design);
1. Business cards, flyers, promotional items decor;
1.  Excellent print on products;
1. Cool for packing paper and greeting cards.

**Additional information:**

+ Graphics Files Included: **JPG Image**
+ Pixel Dimensions: **5000x3333**
+ Resolution: **300 dpi**