Item: Landscape Photoshop Actions

Landscape Photoshop Actions

20 Landscape Photoshop Actions was handcrafted to help you enhance your landscape photography.

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**20 Landscape Photoshop Actions** was handcrafted to help you enhance your landscape photography. This pack contains quality filters that will add unique colors and tones which will make your dull photographs and make it into creative which you wish for. These actions work in a non-destructive way to achieve a high quality look. You use use this for portrait, bloggers, family bloggers, fashion bloggers, outdoor photos, landscape images, and many more.

**Actions Features:**

- **Add 20 different creative filters to your photos.**
- **Produce high quality and powerful output for both web and print media.**
- **1-Click action. It takes a single click to achieve the magic.**
- **Detailed help/Instructions PDF file included for your support.**
- **Non-destructive Workflow. The original image will remain unchanged.**
- **Completely experimented and tested in different Photoshop versions.**
- **Each and every layer are editable and you can tweak nearly everything.**


- **Photoshop CS3 to CC**
- **Creative Cloud**
- **Compatible with both a Mac and PC**
- **Work on RAW and JPEG images**
- **Can be easily adjusted to fit your image**

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