Item: Light & Flares Photoshop Actions

Light & Flares Photoshop Actions

Light leaks & lens flares

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Vintage cameras and lenses often show signs of light that leaks from the edges of images or flaring coming from the lens. Now you can replicate those effects with this set of **12 Light Leak and 4 Lens Flare Photoshop actions**!

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of vintage charm to your images or you’re looking to replicate this sought-after look, this set of actions is sure to please. From subtle light leaks to stronger and more dramatic effects, this is the set to get!

Each Photoshop action in this set creates a group that contain all the adjustment layers and effects and is non-destructive so you retain 100% of your original image. This set contains a “_play all_” action that runs through each action so you can then easily compare the effect with your original image. This set of actions is compatible with Photoshop CS4 and newer.

_**Note:** In order for all the Light Leak actions to work and the layers to be positioned properly, your images should be at least 5000px wide and 3300px high. Also, for the Flare effects to work properly, images are automatically resized to 3600px wide when the actions are played._