Item: Matte Pastels

Matte Pastels

Film-like effects inspired by Masashi Wakui

Add-ons , Actions and Presets
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Matte Pastels is a set of film-like effects inspired by the beautiful post-processing style of photographer Masashi Wakui. The Photoshop actions are compatible with Photoshop CS5 and newer.

**Photoshop Actions**
* Aomikan
* Taiyaki
* Sakura
* Ramen
* Seiryu
* Suibokuga
* Beni Imo
* Panji
* Tempura
* Ishi
* Tatami
* Hanami

**✔ 12 Beautiful Matte Pastel Effects**
Pick the perfect effect with a wide variety of pastel effects. You can adjust the strength of each effect simply by adjusting the opacity.

**✔ Save Time with Snapshot Prerendering**
Play one action and pick the effects. This saves you time because you can switch effects instantly without having to play each action one-by-one. This feature is not available in Photoshop Elements.

**✔ 100% Nondestructive and Fully Editable**
To meet the demands of professional photographers, all effects are created nondestructively. Your layers are never merged.

**Works With:**
* Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC
* Photoshop Elements 11 and newer
* Mac and Windows