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**Create Custom Single Post Templates**

If you want to create a beautiful custom template for your single posts this is the perfect tool for that. No need to deal with code, files, expensive developers any more.

Save time and money do it yourself under 1 minute!

**18 Ready to Use Templates**

The plugin comes with 18 ready to use templates that you can check on the live preview demo site. Plus you can create as much custom templates as you want.

**Change your theme’s template**

It takes one click to change the theme’s template with the one you just created. You can do that for:

+ All posts.
+ All posts for category.
+ Each post individually.

Again, there is no need to deal with code or files.

**Post items that you can insert in your templates**

Here are what items you can insert in your templates:

+ Post Title
+ Post Media
+ Meta Items
+ Post Description
+ Breadcrumbs
+ Post Social Icons
+ Post Prev/Next Nav
+ Related Posts
+ WordPress Comments
+ Facebook Comments
+ Post Reviews
+ Post Tabs
+ Post Fields
+ Post Author Info
+ Divider
+ Ads Shortcode
+ Sidebars

**Post Meta – re-arrange, icon or text labels, horizontal or vertical view**

Post meta items – categories, tags, author, date, comments, post visits can be re-arranged. And whatever is that you do not want to see can be disabled. All drag & drop.

Other than the standard horizontal view, post meta elements can be displayed vertically. You can also choose to display icons instead of the labels. Styling and alignment are also available.

**5 Post Media Types**

You can use the default WordPress featured image functionality for your posts. But what if you want to have a video, a slider, or a soundcloud instead of the standard image?

Then use the OTW Media types – Image, Slider, Youtube video, Vimeo video, Soundcloud. The media then gets displayed in your posts.

In the plugin options you can set the media width, height, formats. You can also automatically add alt and title tags to improve SEO performance for your images.

**Post Lightbox**

Yes, you can enable lighboxes. A click on the media will then open the media in a lightbox. In the plugin options you can set the media width, height, formats for the lightboxes.

**Post Tabs**

Yes, you can now have tabs in your posts. Add unlimited number of tabs with title and content. Add some HTML and shortcodes in the content if you need to.

**Post Reviews**

Yes, you can now have reviews in your posts. Add unlimited number of reviews.

**Social like and share buttons**

Increase traffic! Enable Social share options. You can choose from variety of like and share buttons or put your custom once.

**Facebook comments**

Increase traffic! Enable Facebook Comments in your Posts. Set up is easy and takes no time. Yes, this plugin will add the Facebook comments functionality to your single posts.

**Related Posts**

Display related posts under each post so you can increase traffic to other posts too. Select Related post criteria: by Category, by Tag or Handpicked. Handpicked is an option that will let you choose related posts for each posts manually.

**Post Fields**

Post Fields can be used to add some additional info to your posts. Add unlimited number of Post Fields.