Item: RNS Miles

RNS Miles

Geometric shapes inspired on modernism

Fonts , Sans-Serif
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RNS Miles font family combines geometric shapes, open forms and grotesk mood for achieve a harmonic, neutral and low contrast shapes. Clearly influenced by Modernism it’s designed specially for headlines, titles and subtitles. The family consist of 7 weights ramping from thin to black, each weight having a matching italic. Take advantage of Mile’s extended OpenType features, including alternate glyphs, fractions, arrows, oldstyle figures, numerator, denominators and a variety of symbols and languages.

* 7 weights + 7 italics (Black, XBold, Bold, Medium, Regular, Light, Thin)
* Multilingual
* Stylistic alternates
* Fractions
* Arrows
* Oldstyle figures
* Numerators and denominators
* Standard ligatures
* RNS Miles was selected on text category for Tipos Latinos 2016