Item: Set of Flat icons

Set of Flat icons

Set of flat icons vector design template. 48x48 pixel perfect. Editable stroke.

Graphics , Icons
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Flat design concept icons for analytics and investment, banking and finance, corporate business, design and development, communication, education and learning, knowledge. Icons can be used for websites, layout, print and presentation templates, infographics, web and mobile services and apps. 48x48 pixel perfect.

**100% Vector**

**Editable Text**

**ZIP files Includes:** 7 - EPS10, 7 - AI, 7 - PDF, 7 - SVG, 7 - JPG images 300dpi, 7 - PNG images 300dpi files. Fonts are used: arial.

**Services List:** set, pack, accounting, analysis, analytics, bank, banking, business, card, cash, check, cheque, coin, commerce, credit, currency, data, deposit, digital, document, e-commerce, electronic, exchange, finance, funding, icon, income, information, insurance, internet, investment, loan, management, marketing, mobile, money, online, payment, report, safe, savings, shopping, statistic, technology, transaction, transfer, wallet, web, flat, vector.