Item: WooCommerce Multiple Currencies

WooCommerce Multiple Currencies

Multiple currencies management made easy! No 3rd party currencies rate update services requried!

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* For first time visitor, please read: User Guide

Your store will display items price according to the selected currency! The WooCommerce Multiple Currencies is very straightforward: install, select the currencies and the update rates frequency!
**It doesn’t require you to configure any paid 3rd party service to update rates** or any additional tricky setting! It relies on its own update rate system (powered by CurrencyConverterApi) that doesn’t require any extra configuration.

Once activated, you need just a few steps to make it work:
+ Through the **WooCommerce Multiple Currencies -> Settings** menu select the available currencies and where the currency switcher has to be displayed
+ Through the **WooCommerce Multiple Currencies -> Exchange rates** menu select the update frequency (every 15 min, 30 min, once a day, ...)
That’s it! 

The plugin will automatically update rates **without the need of any further configuration**. No, any 3rd party service configuration is required! The plugin **relies on its own innovative update rates service without the need the shop admin to set any additional tricky setting** (_powered by CurrencyConverterApi_)!

The plugin allows to automatically display the Currency switcher in any page footer, or in any menu (as first or last element) or through a Widget! The widget can be added to any widget area through the Appearance -> Widget menu.

Through the special **[wcmc_currency_selector]** you can optionally display the currency switcher in any place!

The wcmc_currency_selector(); function allows to display the currency switcher in any template.

Some payment gateway may be not accepting some currencies. In these cases, they won’t be available in the checkout page. On the admin area, the base currency will be used as the default currency.