Item: WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

Easily assign custom warning low stock values to all your products/categories!

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Easily assign custom warning low stock values to all your products/categories!
Edit all inventory values directly from the WordPress dashboard! 

WCOSM is a powerful and flexible tool that lets the shop admin assign custom low stock values to a set of product and/or categories.
Using the customs value configurator the shop admin can:

+ Create “Threshold” rules by which the shop admin can assign custom warning low values for sets of products/variations/categories.
+ Configure a default warning value for products which do not match any custom value rule.
+ Email notifications.
+ Multiple email notification recipients.

Using the Texts menu, it is possible to customize In stock, Out of stock, Above custom stock level and Under custom stock level texts showed in product page!\
**WPML users:** text can be translated simply by switching the language in the WPML language selector! switch language and then enter the translations for each text

After an order is placed WCOSM checks all purchased products stock left value notifying the Shop admin if one (or more) of the items has reached a configured custom warning level.\
**NOTE:** If you are manually creating/adding orders via backend, after adding line item(s) remember to update their stock value by selecting them, selecting the **Reduce line item stock** option in the bottom dropdown menu and clicking on the circle button.
By default WooCommerce on manual order, creation doesn’t decrease stock values. In this way, you will trigger stock values update that will eventually trigger the email notification.