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WooCommerce Role-O-Matic

Automatic role assignment according to the purchased products or amount spent

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The WooCommerce Role-O-Matic plugin (WCRA) is a powerful tool that allows the shop admin to create “assignment rules” that dynamically assigns roles to the customers according to the **amounts spent during the configured time periods** or according to the **purchased products**.
This tool can be very useful because can be used together with the WooCommerce Pricing! (or any 3rd party plugin) to assign dynamic prices or discounts according to the assigned roles. 

It’s very straight-forward. Once installed and activated, a new “WooCommerce Role-O-Matic” voice will appear in the main menu from where the shop admin can access to the Amounts configurator or the Products configurator menus by which the “role assignment rules” can be configured. \
By the **Amounts configurator** can be defined rules by which roles can be assigned according to the amounts spent (excluding taxes) during the configured time periods, according to the user roles, the minimum amount spent (and optionally a max amount spent) and products/categories restrictions.\
Every time a customer places an order or if the shop admin saves an order or if he changes an order status (using the WC_Order method or the admin area), the plugin will check if exists any “amount role rule” matching the current time and amount spent applying it to the customer. Optionally every rule assignment can be deferred specify another date in which the role assignment has to take place. \
By the **Products configurator** roles can be assigned according to the purchased products. Once the order is placed, to the customer will be assigned the rules associated with the purchased products. Furthermore can be also configured expiring dates, products purchased restriction an more. This can be very useful to manage subscription plans.\
Optionally the shop admin can also set an expiring date that once reached will trigger the user role removal. The expiring date can be relative or fixed.
The first one is relative to the purchasing time, this means that the expiring time could be for example 1 month later the purchase. The second one is a fixed date, like “March, 2nd 2016”. 
Furthermore, you can also restrict products purchasing if the current customer already has selected roles. You can also deny rebuying the products if the expiration date has not been reached. 

The plugin gives the ability to automatic recompute roles (only for “role amount rules”) at regular time intervals. The shop admin using the General options menu have to enable this option and choose a time span interval (ex.: every 2 hours, every 7 days, etc.) and a starting time and the plugin will recompute user role according to the existing rules!
User roles based on products are also automatic recomputed when the customer access the site. \
**NOTE:** You can set the allowed order statuses considered during the computation by the General options menu.

By default roles, assignment rules are checked after a customer has placed an order after one of its order has been edited in the admin page, after one of its order statuses has been updated (using the WC_Order method or the admin area) or during a recomputation schedule.
If the shop admin would like to computer roles (only for “role amount rules”) without waiting, he can use the “Roles re-calculator”. He simply has to click on “Roles re-calculator” menu voice and then hit the “Recompute” button and the plugin will do the rest. That’s it! :) 

**NOTE:** You can set the allowed order statuses considered during the computation by the General options menu.

The plugin automatically adds to the user My Account page, on the Dashboard tab, Two new sections that help the user to know which role has and which roles are achievable during the current period. The plugin shows how much he spent, how much he misses and the end date!
Both sections can be disabled via the plugin options menu. NOTE: My Account page info display is only available for WooCommerce 2.6 and later. 

Want to display those section in custom pages? No problem! 
Using the **[wcra_current_roles]** and **[wcra_next_roles_list]** you can display each section in every page supporting shortcode system! \
**NOTE:** using the special parameter roles_to_not_show you can avoid to display the desidered roles in the role list. Example: **[wcra_current_roles roles_to_not_show=”role_code1,role_code2”]**