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WP OS Desktop Backend

More than a Wordpress Admin Theme

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    Tired of having to open tons of tabs in your browser when you manage your WP site ?
    You use a lot of plugins, and your customers are lost in the admin interface of their website ? They don't know what menu link they must click to make simple operations ?
    This unique Wordpress plugin **gives your Wordpress backend an awesome O/S Desktop style**, allowing you to manage the different admin pages in windows and create shortcuts on the desktop in one click.

    Windows can be **resized, maximized, minimified, and easily placed side by side** to truly improve your productivity.
    Each user can **create its own shortcuts** simply dragging a link from the WP menu to the desktop.
    All **colors, background image and windows effects** can be customized from the settings window.    

    **Intuitive, beautiful, fluid and really useful** for you and your customers, this plugin will make managing your website even faster and easier.


    + Gives to your Wordpress backend **a real O/S desktop look** ! 
    + Powerful and beautiful **windows manager**
    + Each users can **freely customize** his desktop and the admin theme  
    + Freely **customize the login page**  
    + Can show **video wallpapers** from Youtube
    + Windows can be **resized, maximized, minimized and displayed side by side** in 1 click
    + Each user can **create his own shortcuts** simply dragging a link from the menu to the desktop
    + Icons and titles of **shortcuts can be edited**
    + Navigate instantly between the different windows using **keyboard shortcuts**
    + **Fully ajax powered**, browser history supported 
    + **Fully translatable** (WPML & .po ready)