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MorningDew by Locomotype


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In a beautiful morning, when silence creates imagination, and dew comes in droves to greet the world with vigor and vitality. Pen tucked between fingers, dances and creates poems of love for all mankind.

Morning dew tells the story of a handwritten font which someday will stitch your heart with warmth and tenderness. It comes specifically to represent an expression of your feeling that has been stored so deep within the soul.

In this magical package, you will get:

  1. MorningDew Regular - Offers some interesting OpenType features such as:
  • Ligatures: Contains standard ligatures on some pairs of letters; Change the font automatically when it is in the end; Adding swash automatically, simply type 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hyphens in your typography work.
  • Contextual Swash: If you enable this feature, then you will get a swash at the end of the letter.
  • Stylistic Alternates: This is an alternative to the basic letters of MorningDew font.
  1. MorningDew Alt : This is a lightweight version of the Stylistic Alternates are made into a new font in case you have trouble accessing it from MorningDew Regular.

  2. MorningDew Swash : Well this is a special addition, where there are 26 unique swashes that will enhance your design.

And of course, MorningDew font is multilanguage support and PUA encoded.

Fonts Script and Handwritten
handwritten signature handwritting casual brushpen natural script beautiful vintage oldstyle opentype logotype swashes calligraphic wedding
  • Classification: N/A
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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