Item: NEX-Forms - PayPal PRO Add-on

NEX-Forms - PayPal PRO Add-on by Basix

NEX-Forms - PayPal PRO Add-on

Released at by Basix

Now you can build forms and easily receive payments via PayPal.


  • Multiple items (unlimited) for itemized billing
  • Field Mapping for item quantity
  • Field Mapping for item amounts
  • Static values for Item Quantities
  • Static values for Item Ammounts
  • Overall PayPal setup
  • Currency selection
  • Payment Transaction Tracking

Choose to send emails to all or any of

  • Before Payments
  • Payment Failures
  • Successful Payments

Sandbox testing and Live Environment selections

WordPress Plugins
form forms paypal wordpress invoice order payment calculations estimates checkout express visa mastercard builder creator
  • File types: CSS, HTML, JS, PHP
  • Compatible versions: Tested up to version 5.1

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