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Not my type typewriter font by simonok

Not my type typewriter font

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Not my type font was created with a real typewriter. To be specific it was on Oliver courier typewriter that I bought at an antiques market.

I originally bought it for one of my image packs but it seemed to make sense to create a typeface from it.

Contextual Alternatives

I created 3 versions of every letter and number that get progressively bolder. If you enable contextual alternatives in your design application the letters will change automatically as you type.

The aim was to make it look more random, like a real typewriter.

Lot of detail

I went to great trouble to keep the detail from my original scans. I've yet to see another typewriter font that has the same amount of detail as this one.

The font includes:

  • One style
  • Uppercase & Lowercase letters with three Alternatives
  • Numbers with three alternatives
  • Basic punctuation & Symbols
  • Font format is .OTF

If you want your design to have that nostalgic type effect this is perfect. It's old fashioned and retro with just a hint of grunge.

Fonts Serif
typewriter font realistic nostalgic old vintage retro grunge
  • Classification: Serif
  • Spacing: Monospace
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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