Item: Pastel Colors - 20 Photoshop Presets

Pastel Colors - 20 Photoshop Presets by ShinyPixel

Pastel Colors - 20 Photoshop Presets

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20 Professional Pastel Presets for Adobe Photoshop
20 Pastel Colors Presets gives you what you need to professionally enhance your photos. This collection includes 20 professional and color-enhancing presets to bring cotton candy style to your project with minimal effort. Perfect for fashion magazines, blogs, wedding and holiday album. No matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer: with this presets you’ll get stunning results in no time.

Inside the package
#20 .xmp file
#1 User guide

Photoshop compatibility
Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw (free Adobe plugin)

Sources compatibility
These presets were designed to be used with the following file types: RAW, JPG, PNG, CR2, DNG.

About Us
We are photographers above all. We are so proud about the quality of our presets because we created them to simplify our workflow, enhance our photos and get the best from each shot!

Add-ons Actions and Presets
adjustment camera dramatic hdr landscape luminous photo photography preset filter trending cr2 photoshop raw acr
  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop

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