Item: Personality Traits Flat Multicolor Icons

Personality Traits Flat Multicolor Icons by IconBunny

Personality Traits Flat Multicolor Icons

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<h2>Personality Traits Flat Multicolor Icons</h2>

Suitable for: Mobile Apps, Websites, Print, Presentation, Illustration, Templates <br>

<h2>50 Icons include:</h2><ol><li> - Active Icon </li><li> - Alien Icon </li><li> - Ambitious Icon </li><li> - Attractive Icon </li><li> - Bad Icon </li><li> - Brave Icon </li><li> - Brilliant Icon </li><li> - Carefree Icon </li><li> - Celebrity Icon </li><li> - Cheerful Icon </li><li> - Compassionate Icon </li><li> - Confident Icon </li><li> - Cool Icon </li><li> - Courageous Icon </li><li> - Crazy Icon </li><li> - Curious Icon </li><li> - Direct Icon </li><li> - Evil Icon </li><li> - Expert Icon </li><li> - Fast Learner Icon </li><li> - Generous Icon </li><li> - Health Conscious Icon </li><li> - Hot Tempered Icon </li><li> - Humble Icon </li><li> - Indirect Icon </li><li> - Integrity Icon </li><li> - Key Person Icon </li><li> - Money Oriented Icon </li><li> - Naive Icon </li><li> - Nerd Icon </li><li> - Observant Icon </li><li> - Open Minded Icon </li><li> - Optimistic Icon </li><li> - Organized Icon </li><li> - Original Icon </li><li> - Outspoken Icon </li><li> - Patient Icon </li><li> - Perfectionist Icon </li><li> - Practical Icon </li><li> - Punctual Icon </li><li> - Quiet Icon </li><li> - Reliable Icon </li><li> - Sluggish Icon </li><li> - Sociable Icon </li><li> - Strong Icon </li><li> - Stubborn Icon </li><li> - Sweet Icon </li><li> - Talkative Icon </li><li> - Thoughtful Icon </li><li> - Two Faced Icon </li></ol>

<h2> Features </h2><ul><li> Ready to use for all devices and platforms</li><li> 6 Different formats: AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG</li><li> Designed using unigrid system </li><li> Each Personality Traits Icon is designed for maximum usability </li><li> 100% vector icons - Easy to edit and scale </li><li> 20 PNG File Sizes:</li></ul>

<ol><li>16 x 16</li><li>24 x 24</li><li>29 x 29</li><li>32 x 32</li><li>40 x 40</li><li>48 x 48</li><li>58 x 58</li><li>64 x 64</li><li>72 x 72</li><li>76 x 76</li><li>80 x 80</li><li>96 x 96</li><li>120 x 120</li><li>128 x 128</li><li>144 x 144</li><li>152 x 152</li><li>192 x 192</li><li>256 x 256</li><li>512 x 512</li><li>1024 x 1024</li></ol>

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Graphics Icons
unctual icon quiet reliable sociable strong stubborn sweet thoughtful iconbunny personality active alien ambitious attractive
  • Applications supported: Adobe Illustrator
  • File types: AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG
  • Dimensions: 1024(w) × 1024(h) px

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