Item: Romantic Autumn Lightroom Presets

Romantic Autumn Lightroom Presets by Temaphoto

Romantic Autumn Lightroom Presets

Released at by Temaphoto

Presets for different situations, portrait, street, sunset, forest, landscape and etc.

What you will Receive:

A Zip File containing 20 Lightroom Preset files ( .lrtemplates )Help txt and jpg fileSupported File Format: RAW / NEF / DNG, JPG, TIFF.

LR Presets:

Romantic Autumn 1 (couple in love)Romantic Autumn 2 (portrait)Romantic Autumn 3 (portrait 2)Romantic Autumn 4 (portrait 3)Romantic Autumn 5 (landscape)Romantic Autumn 6 (bright orange)Romantic Autumn 7 (in forest)Romantic Autumn 8 (soft colors)Romantic Autumn 9 (old soft color)Romantic Autumn 10 (soft shadow)Romantic Autumn 11 (cold day)Romantic Autumn 12 (vintage forest)Romantic Autumn 13 (magic orange)Romantic Autumn 14 (cinematic)Romantic Autumn 15 (soft bw)Romantic Autumn 16 (matte colors)Romantic Autumn 17 (fashion)Romantic Autumn 18 (bright landscape)Romantic Autumn 19 (contrast landscape)Romantic Autumn 20 (red leaves)

Add-ons Actions and Presets
lightroom autumn orange leaves natural romantic aututmn hdr outdoor portrait love toning professional matte soft
  • Applications supported: Adobe Lightroom
  • File types: LRTEMPLATE

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