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Sanös Extended Script Font by WildOnes

Sanös Extended Script Font

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Sanös Extended Script Font is perfect for handwriting style projects. It comes in two formats .TTF and .WOFF. So you can also use it for web sites and apps.

The font features both uppercase and lowercase letters, so you will have a wide range of characters to use in typographic work. It has updated open type features and advanced kerning. Multiple language support.

This brush script font works best for fashion, beauty products, food, apparel and magazines. Sanös Free Brush Script Font could also be used for film, television, marketing, advertising and websites. Take your designs to the next level with Sanös Free Brush Font.

Download contains .otf and .woff files.

Appreciate the project and follow us :)



  • Sanos-extended.ttf
  • Sanos-extended.woff


Make the best out of Sanös,

Your WildOnes team

Fonts Serif Sans-Serif Script and Handwritten Decorative
font typeface sans brushm design wildtype sanos type wedding poster header krisjanis handwritten handwriting hand
  • Classification: N/A
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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