Item: Seamless Halftone Patterns

Seamless Halftone Patterns by Unknow

Seamless Halftone Patterns

Released at by Unknow

These vector patterns are an essential tool for any designer looking to add a vintage feel to their work. They have been supplied in a variety of styles, from the classic circular styles to more unusual grunge and triangular versions.

They work well on vector shapes, backgrounds and text.

Each of the 12 patterns is supplied in 12 colors making 144 in total! You can also adjust the colors to suit your own designs. The patterns can also be scaled and rotated as desired. And because they patterns are vectors, they can be scaled infinitely!

Easy to use – instructions included.

Compatible with Illustrator CS1 - CC

background dots print printing retro screentone screentones seamless swatches vintage halftone dot pattern screen tone
  • Applications supported: Adobe Illustrator
  • File types: EPS

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