Item: Shaky Inks for Adobe Illustrator

Shaky Inks for Adobe Illustrator by guerillacraft

Shaky Inks for Adobe Illustrator

Released at by guerillacraft

74 high-quality brushes for Adobe Illustrator

I have some idea of brushes, that would look as wavy shaky lines of old jail tattoos. I just started playing with inks and pen on a paper. I haven´t wanted to have textured lines, so I filled all white places in strokes and it remained only nice unclean shaky lines.

As an everyday Illustrator user, I am going angry, when my laptop starts freezing because of using some high textured brushes. With these Shaky inks brushes you will work very fluently!

Shaky inks are best for adding the vintage touch to your artwork (look at my examples). With these brushes you can make nice vintage-looking illustrations for your personal or client work!

What is in pack:

  • There are two files with 74 nice vintage-looking brushes for your best artworks – this file are same in content, choose one of them for your version of AI

  • TXT file with information​ how to instal and use brushes

Add-ons Brushes
pen ink brush illustrator illustration retro vintage 50s midcentury lineart drawing painting vector cartoon comic
  • Applications supported: Adobe Illustrator
  • File types: AI

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