Item: SVG Font Brushes

SVG Font Brushes by sameehmedia

SVG Font Brushes

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SVG Font Brushes

Hi everyone, this time we make something special for all of you. Have you ever wanted a piece of writing like paint? Now you don't need to worry anymore, because we made some brushes for your needs.

You don't need to waste time scanning a handwriting with paint, because now you can do it directly on a PC or laptop.


  • This brush is only suitable for Adobe Photoshop software.
  • You must use Pen Tablet to get maximum results. Like Wacom, Huion or etc.
  • If you make a font using this brush, then you must use a font-making software that supports SVG. Like Fontself or etc
Add-ons Brushes
svg font brush lettering realistic modern unique vintage addons
  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop
  • File types: ABR

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