Item: The Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection

The Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection by Corslu

The Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection

Released at by Corslu

This collection gives you quick access to Professional Lightroom filters, producing you with a huge range of unique, ownable looks for your photography.

The presets work with all types of photography, whether you're a dad taking Instagram pics of his kids, a high-end fashion re-toucher or a coffee business looking to add continuity to their social posts. The collection includes 170 presets I've honed over the years with my own photography, suiting every eventuality. Be sure to click the images to discover all the presets.


  • 170 Extensively tested, uniquely crafted, Premium Lightroom Presets.
  • A huge range of looks, from popular analog film, unique colour enhancement, to B&W effects.
  • Included Essentials Toolkit for quick subtle adjustments.
  • Professional enhancements to take your photography to the next level.
  • Only natural colours are boosted keeping an authentic feel to your photos.
  • Included guide on how to quickly install, and how to get the best out the presets.
  • Works on Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC+
  • Works on both Raw (reccomended) and JPG photos.
  • Free updates to additional bonus presets.
  • Perfect for anyone looking to create their own "look" to their photography.
    • BONUS Photography logo templates to freely customise inside PS or AI.

Each preset is split into "Normal', 'Film' and 'Mood'. Normal is the standard filter, Film effects give wonderfully different analog feels, while the Mood effects give the filters more punch in various ways. So there's a lot to play with!

Photographs featured are my own, my partner Ellen's, and from the great Unsplash community

Some testimonials from my other preset collections.

  • @staci - "And. I. Died. These actions are ridiculous. #wortheverypenny"

  • @scottBrown - "This set will really take your photography from standard to amazing."

  • @eossipov - "Tom's are THE BEST photoshop actions I've had the pleasure to use.

Thank you so much for viewing. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed crafting them.

Happy to answer any questions, just send me a message :)


About me: I work in the creative industry and have been creating best selling photography filters over the years, I've licensed my photography to fortune 500 companies, while I've also written for numerous magazines on photo editing, including Digital Photographer and Advanced Photoshop.

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  • Applications supported: Adobe Lightroom

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