Item: Vibrant Landscape Photoshop Actions

Vibrant Landscape Photoshop Actions by Contrastly

Vibrant Landscape Photoshop Actions

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Shooting landscapes is often considered an art. Editing landscape images can be quite time-consuming and tedious. Get a head start with this set of 10 Photoshop actions!

From clarity and saturation adjustments to tonal and highlights/shadows recovery, this set of action should come in very handy when post-processing your landscape photos.

Each Photoshop action in this set creates a group that contain all the adjustment layers and effects and is non-destructive so you retain 100% of your original image. This set contains a “play all” action that runs through each action so you can then easily compare the effect with your original image. This set of actions is compatible with Photoshop CS4 and newer.

Add-ons Actions and Presets
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  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop
  • File types: ATN

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