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Download 12 Election and Campaign Icons by creativevip

12 Election and Campaign Icons


Here are twelve election and campaign themed icons. Included are icons representing a ballot box, megaphone, calendar, thumbs up, thumbs down, voting paper, badge,

Download 12 Military Icons by creativevip

12 Military Icons


Here are twelve simple and effective military icons. They are black and white but the colour could easily be customised. Included is a parachute,

Download 25 Mobile Development Icons by creativevip

25 Mobile Development Icons


These icons can help you showcase your mobile design or development services, represent the app development process, and more. They represent idea generaton, UI

Download 30 Crowdfunding Icons by creativevip

30 Crowdfunding Icons


However you’re trying to raise money for your product or venture, this icon set can help support your campaign. Featuring icons representing fundraising from

Download 20 Logistics and Delivery Icons by creativevip

20 Logistics and Delivery Icons


Here are twenty recently updated logistics and delivery icons. Included is a parcel, barcode, map, aeroplane, lorry, train, clipboard, calculator, and many more.Provided in

Download 20 Vaccination Icons by creativevip

20 Vaccination Icons


An icon pack to cover off every aspect of getting vaccinated or taking a vaccine shot (for any disease). Included are syringes, appointment calendars,

Download 15 Travel Kit Icons by creativevip

15 Travel Kit Icons


This resource contains fifteen travel kit icons. Included is a toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, watch, wallet, plane ticket, comb, suitcase, penknife, scissors, neck pillow,

Download 20 Group Avatar Icons by creativevip

20 Group Avatar Icons


These recently updated and expanded round, colorful avatar icons represent different groups of people. Included is a diverse combination of groups, with different genders,

Download 15 Viking Icons and Symbols by creativevip

15 Viking Icons and Symbols


This resource contains fifteen viking icons and symbols. Included are a number of weapons, a leg of meat, a shield, helmet, ship, and tankard,

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