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Download 25 Vegan Icons by creativevip

25 Vegan Icons


A range of icons to showcase veganism, the food and drink that fits in with the diet (and some things that don’t!). A great

Download 30 Easter Elements Icons by creativevip

30 Easter Elements Icons


These Easter icons cover everything from eggs, flowers, birds, and symbols of spring, to religious iconography like a cross, bible, and crown of thorns.

Download 15 Mother’s Day Icons by creativevip

15 Mother’s Day Icons


A set of icons to illustrate the different concepts around Mother’s Day, including gifts, cards, presents, and concepts around meeting up with your Mum

Download 20 Energy Saving Icons by creativevip

20 Energy Saving Icons


These icons showcase a whole range of different concepts around energy saving and low-energy devices or projects. From renewable power and battery sources, to

Download 15 Transportation Icons by creativevip

15 Transportation Icons


These icons represent many different modes of transport such as a plane, train, bicycle, tractor, fire engine, motorbike and boat as well as a

Download 20 Ice Cream Icons by creativevip

20 Ice Cream Icons


This recently updated resource contains icons representing every type of ice cream we can think of. Included are a variety of ice cream cones,

Download 15 Palm Sunday Icons by creativevip

15 Palm Sunday Icons


This set of icons illustrate the Christian festival of Palm Sunday, leading up to the Last Supper before Good Friday and Easter. It features

Download 15 Autumn & Fall Icons by creativevip

15 Autumn & Fall Icons


A seasonal collection of icons for Autumn and Fall. It's a great time of year, and this icon set helps you represent it in

Download 15 Health and Fitness Icons by creativevip

15 Health and Fitness Icons


These round colourful health and fitness icons would be perfect for a gym. Included is a water bottle, stop watch, weight, heart rate icon,

Download 20 Video Conference Icons by creativevip

20 Video Conference Icons


This icon set showcases a modern and varied set of video conference symbols. From large group calls to one-to-one chats, and from the technology

Download 30 Funeral & Memorial Icons by creativevip

30 Funeral & Memorial Icons


This pack features all the different aspects of death, and the funeral or memorial service in different traditions (including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity). From

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