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+ Muse 194
+ OpenCart 135
+ PrestaShop 162
+ Shopify 252
+ Tumblr 100
+ Unbounce 120
- Fonts 13.5k
+ Decorative 3.2k
+ Sans-Serif 2.8k
+ Script and Handwritten 6.2k
+ Serif 1.3k
- Graphic Templates 15.2k
+ Infographics 349
+ Logos 9.8k
+ Print Templates 716
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+ Titles 563
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Author: pixelbuddha_graphic

Download Timeless: Distressed Text Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Timeless: Distressed Text Effect
May 7, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Some flukes cause an overwhelming excitement by a lucky coincidence like an artistically distorted image, came out of a printer or photocopier. Tame this

Download Prism Lens Photo Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Prism Lens Photo Effect
May 7, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

It's just like looking into a fractured glass: what do you see? Is the reflection deceiving your eyes with multiple angles shown, refraction or

Download Color Distortion Text Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Color Distortion Text Effect
May 4, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

It's not easy to solve the coloring dilemma sometimes: this or that color fits the composition better and highlights the required parts of a

Download Artista Photoshop Brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic
Artista Photoshop Brushes
May 4, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

All the essential tools for making brilliant illustrations were collected in one kit! We've picked the materials, involved in drawing more often, perfected them,

Download Limelight Stationery Mockup by pixelbuddha_graphic
Limelight Stationery Mockup
May 3, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Why make efforts to stand out if you can do it so easily with a well-chosen template? Let us introduce Limelight, a comprehensive stationery

Download Leather Embossing Text Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Leather Embossing Text Effect
May 3, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Raise a three-dimensional text of logotype on leather to make it look tangible! A couple of clicks and you have a realistic embossing on

Download RGB Glitch Photo Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
RGB Glitch Photo Effect
April 24, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

The nature of distortion is so fickle, as originally it's a result of some spontaneous error, causing the whole result to turn out differently.

Download Street Wall Glued Posters Mockup by pixelbuddha_graphic
Street Wall Glued Posters Mockup
April 8, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

In the search of a truly urban look, we sometimes forget about the apparent and mere public symbol of megapolises — the long "scarf"

Download Dispersion Photo Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Dispersion Photo Effect
April 7, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Dissolve your images into small pieces as quickly and easily as a Thanos snap! You won't need to bother with finding a power gauntlet,

Download Wood Sign Text Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Wood Sign Text Effect
April 5, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

The aesthetic of this wood will never go out of fashion — and there is plenty of reasons for that! We invite you to

Download Toxic Flames Text Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Toxic Flames Text Effect
April 3, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Set your writings on fire with some acid chemicals sprayed all over them. Sounds like an excessive ecological disaster but in terms of this

Download Artista Procreate Brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic
Artista Procreate Brushes
April 1, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Drawing on paper with actual pencils or liners can hardly be replaced by its digital equivalents. You feel the lines and drawing means better,

Download VHS Glitch Effect for Photoshop by pixelbuddha_graphic
VHS Glitch Effect for Photoshop
March 28, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

The glitch effect can be of any color distortions and cracked lines, making colors overlap each other several times, forming a great variety of

Download Vintage Comics: Line Procreate Brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic
Vintage Comics: Line Procreate Brushes
March 27, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Imitate the line hatching from the retro posters you’ve seen: 21 pattern brushes with different-looking lines contain tons of illustration possibilities in them. There

Download Shattered Glass Photo Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Shattered Glass Photo Effect
March 26, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Having a fashion photo session, taking pictures through the broken glass is an original idea and a way of getting yourself some artistic distorted

Download Glossy 3D Silver Text Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Glossy 3D Silver Text Effect
March 21, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

It's like pouring the melted silver onto your lettering to see it wallowing in a deluxe gloss! It's never too late to try this

Download Acid Glitch Text Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Acid Glitch Text Effect
March 17, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Vibrating text on the artboard can make you dizzy! Or excited about the idea of using this PSD text effect as a headline for

Download RGB Distortion Effect with Gradiens by pixelbuddha_graphic
RGB Distortion Effect with Gradiens
March 11, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Did you know that glitch works even better with the gradient overlay applied to it? The broken TV screen effect is spiced with impressive

Download Pencil Procreate Brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic
Pencil Procreate Brushes
March 3, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

Anatomy, cartography, painting, and paleontology — the world-known genius of the Renaissance used to be excellent in all these domains. The recognition he eventually

Download Peeling Paint Grunge Effect by pixelbuddha_graphic
Peeling Paint Grunge Effect
February 27, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

The magic of retro can be found everywhere if you know where to look. Is it an old and rusty tricycle? Not at all,

Download Stipple Brushes for Photoshop by pixelbuddha_graphic
Stipple Brushes for Photoshop
February 25, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

We suddenly realized we don't want to follow any of the existing design styles. So instead, we picked our favorite Pop Art and added

Download Vintage Watercolor Effect for Photoshop by pixelbuddha_graphic
Vintage Watercolor Effect for Photoshop
February 24, 2021 - by pixelbuddha_graphic

It doesn't have to take ages and generations for your images and photos to obtain that artistic rough look. Any graphics can become a

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