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Download Today Easter by shirongampus

Today Easter


Today Easter is simple , cute, and fresh sans font.This is perfect for any modern design purpose like fashion, magazine, headline, web, logo, and

Download Skull Story by shirongampus

Skull Story


Skull story is halloween theme font. It is handmade and i make this because halloween will come.For you that are looking for fun halloween

Download Daily Notes by shirongampus

Daily Notes


Daily Notes a sweet and friendly handwritten font. Its natural and unique style makes it incredibly fitting to a large pool of designs. The

Download Western Retro by shirongampus

Western Retro


Western Retro is a bright and slim sans font with a vintage feel. It will turn any design project into an eye catcher.Files Inside

Download Exlpore Hunter by shirongampus

Exlpore Hunter


Explore Hunter brings you to make good adventure design. Of course it is perfect for fashion, logo, advertisement, and big printWhat is inside :Explore

Download Moccat by shirongampus



This font is inspired by my pet, cat.So i tried to combine script with cat,what is inside :Moccat OTFMoccat TTFFeatures :Stylistic alternatesStylistic setLigatures

Download Comic Hunter by shirongampus

Comic Hunter


Comic Hunter is Fresh font that perfect for educational design, comic, kids book, kids magazine, zoo poster

Download Winchester by shirongampus



Winchester Font is elegant signature brush font. Perfect for any purpose like trademark, logo name,photography, quotes and other. Make your signature more elegant and

Download Blank id Font by shirongampus

Blank id Font


Blank id is elegant signature. Perfect for any signature purpose, watermark photography, business, and many other .What's Include :Blankid OTFopentype features (swash, alternate, ligature,

Download Starmind by shirongampus



is a romantic and sweet calligraphy typeface with characters that dance along the baseline. It can be used for various purposes such as logos,

Download Dellux - Modern Script Font by shirongampus

Dellux - Modern Script Font


Dellux is elegant signature. Perfect for any signature purpose, watermark photography, business, and many other .What's Include :Dellux TTFopentype features (swash, alternate, ligature, and

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